W&HM 2011 Top 20 Models 1st Runner Up - Raichelle Viado

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM / WHM) - Raichelle Viado is the biggest hugger.  She's always warm, energetic, approachable to her friends and her fans.  Every time we go to a car show, we would expect a bear hug from Raichelle.

Not only she is hard working at car shows, she is also constantly improving herself in every aspect of herself and modeling.

Even when she was not feeling well, she still sucked it in and take the cold by the chin and showed up to demonstrate her professionalism!

She also loves to relay her newest and latest of her work.  Makes you feel that you are talking with a friend, not just a coincidental model + fan circle.

And she always makes time for us to take wonderful pictures of her!  That's what we call the smart modeling!

Very cool job, Raichelle!!  See you a lot more in 2012!