Trinity Dang, Chelsie Badder, Cheyenne Williams and Jackie Treadwell at 2011 Autocon

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Irvine, CA (W&HM) - We only met Trinity Dang twice, within a 2 weeks time frame.  The first time was at HIN a week prior, and she impressed us with her cool and quiet-storm appearance.  Then the second time, we found her to be one of the models with very high work ethics and totally amicable to talk with.

Her approachable personality is one of the best strengths that a model should have.  Totally awesome!

Look forward to seeing Trinity more in the future!!
Chelsie Badder was guarding K1 Speed booth very + very well.  Not only she instantly get people and cameras' attentions, she also did a great job in making sure the booth and the appearance to be the best condition.

Cheyenne Williams and Chelsie Badder are the dynamic duo for K1 Speed!

We must have said something funny...  Need to make a note about it... Lol
Jackie Treadwell is doing an awesome job in giving us a great photo op...

* Editorial Commentary: Somebody needs to come up with better formation of the model lounge...  If the models are behind desks, then most likely they will only get 3/4 body shots.  However, there are so many tall or well proportion models that screams for a total package to showcase their strengths... We know that they need to put their photos somewhere, which is probably more important than giving free photos ops.  But then again, there got to be a better way, right?  How about those high cocktail tables and stools?  Those will serve the perfect purpose and everybody is happy (probably except the ones footing the bill or trucking them to the event...)  Look forward to some changes!