Gabby Jeanne, Eva Skye, and Ms Rachel at 2011 Autocon

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 Irvine, CA (W&HM) - Gabby is a totally awesome model.  Her amazing subtlety in her varying expressions totally tells many stories and moods.  If you look at each photo in full size view, you will virtually hear her saying..

"Hi, what's up?"
 "Wow, that's a great camera!"
 "It's so nice to see you again!"
 "I'm cool... Super cool..."
 "I am going to show you how to replace the engine block..."
 "Or I can make a super awesome cocktail for you... "
 "Me awesome??
 Haha, yes I am! :->".  Super awesome Gabby!
 Eva Skye was so busy giving aways posters that we had to line up to catch our chance to have a nano-photo-op...

 Then we extended her hospitality by asking her to come out and do a mini-shoot.

 Eva is always cool!!  Very + very cool!
 We haven't seen Ms Rachel for a long!  It's so nice to catch her coming to the show!

  Even though she came here just to checking out the show, she gave us an impromptu shoot opportunity!  Thank you Rachel!!