Ela Pasion, Holly Lee and Lyna Sparks at 2011 Autocon

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Irvine, CA (W&HM) - Ela Pasion is always a bright star at any car show. Wherever she shows up, the cameras follow.  We believe that it's not just her beautiful face, great build, or attractive outfit, it's her personality, or more precisely her aura...

Ela has that aura that makes people feel at ease, and well attended.  Great job Ela!

Look forward to seeing you in future shows!!  Keep it up!
Holly Lee is such a cute model!  Her glasses are just a cool accessory to this cool model!

Lyna Sparks always + always looks awesome!  No matter how chaotic things are around her, she still shows us her cool and gorgeous modeling looks.  That's what we called the true professional!!  Kudos!!

Cool car + cool model = Yay!