2011 HIN Highlight 1

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Hot Import Nights (HIN) has been the sought after event for many + many years.  After the change of hand in 2009, something went haywire, and events were rescheduled or cancelled that left people wonder if the empire is RIP...   However, the empire strikes back!  The original owner took over the ownership and put up a great show!!  HIN has restored its honor and gave us their claim of fame of great cars, gorgeous models, awesome performances, real talent competitions, and overall top show quality!

Jennifer Irene Gonzalez (above) is showing our newest poster!!  Jennifer has graced our top logo, first issue, and now the newly created posters merchandise!  Great job Jennifer!!!

Ashley Harris is such a great model that she's reinvented herself to become a fabulous model!
Maya Michelle Rew always give us a great picture, even in this Miss HIN competition from an odd angle that we had... Kudos!
Kaylee Alana is the part judge panel in the Go Go dancing competition.  People agree that she is truly a highly gifted and super qualified Go Go judge!
Gabby Jeanne always looks amazing! (not sure how many times we have said this, but it proves that she does always look amazing!)
Tori Elizabeth is such an all american girl like a girl next door.  Well, not everybody's door, we supposed...  Totally awesome!
Sarah Crofutt is totally gorgeous and photogenic!  She is also so approachable that she put us totally at ease by showing her bright spirit and warm personality when we took the pictures.
The go-go dancer exhibit talent on stage (non-competition) is just amazing!  She is like a goddess descended from the Go Go haven!
Nina Nicole (right) is such a busy model that she has to drive all around from San Diego to LA and then back to San Diego.  If there is a mileage program for her driving, she probably would get a free drive to New York many times...
Xena Kai and Michelle Yee are always welcome models!  Cool + Cool!
Leng Yein has propped up in the US industry since SEMA.  She is a new talent that is going international!
The Capristan swimsuit has a super hot fashion runway show.    The models are gorgeous and the wear is casual yet glamorous.  Great job to all!
Jessica Taylor Byrd is gracing the HIN again!!
Nikki Esco is one of the hostesses of the Go Go competition.  Not an easy job actually!  Very cool!
Kay Bae is looking nice and sultry here... Very cool outfit as well!
Now the other two Go Go hostesses, Kaylee Alana and Jeri Lee!
Capristan Swimsuit has really good concepts of having winged angels on the side of the runway to define the stage perimeter.  Great job!!
Nicole Marie Recker is such a super star that you always see flashes coming to her wherever she goes.  Great job Nicole!
Jamie Michelle is such a wonderful surprise to see at HIN.  We are soooo happy to see her again!!  She is one of the most talented and awesome models that we have covered ever!  Yay!!
Veronica LaVery's first car show here in HIN.  She is totally a fashion model look and proportion that can look glamorous and cool.  Love to see Veronica in the future!