2011 HIN - Leng Yein, Nina Nicole, Sarah Crofutt, and Veronica LaVery

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 Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Leng Yein is a totally awesome model!  She came from Malaysia and is already causing a big buzz at the other side of the ocean.  Her lively personality, perky and friendly attitude, plus warm fan-centric professionalism, have already won many people's hearts as well as camera flashes!

 She's certainly carved out a space here that is different than the other carshow models.

 Awesome job Leng Yein!!  Keep it up and we will see you more in the future!!
 We caught Nina Nicole at the beginning of the show, before the general public opening time.  It's so cold that jacket is definitely required... :-)

 Sarah Crofutt is totally awesome and never gave us a bad picture!!  That's what we call a great model, who knows her strengths and looks and presents the best!  Kudos!

 Veronica LaVery is like a special task force into the import car show modeling scene.  This is her first time in a car show, and she totally showed her majestic and gifted and eloquent modeling skills for us.  Great job!

Veronica is totally cool, 360 degrees!!
 Genius composition, isn't it? :-)

 At the Capristan Swimsuit cat walk, she's one of the most noticeable models on the stage, and among the high-volume music, and firework-like flashing lights...
she still remembers to give us a quick glimpse!  Fantastic!!