2011 HIN Highlights Part 2

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - HIN truly revived the great name that it was becoming a legend.  Amazing models are all abundant in the show, either on stage, or on the show floor, inside a booth, or even a mini studio...

Trinity Dang has that backlight color and her dress color in perfect harmony...

Her name is Tee... Just Tee... Tee is looking serious here but she is totally a fun person to talk with!
Ashley Malia always comes up with new concepts on her presentation.  This time she is wearing a trendy fun fake fur hood hat...
What an amazing blond!  Wow!!
And this is even more amazing with this glamours lighting!!
Michelle Sanchez was signing her posters to all the fans showed up at the booth.
Alabama Hefler is a totally awesome model!  We first met her at the Disco Days event in Dan Diego. Her lively personality is just totally photogenic!
Jeri Lee is giving the crowd a chance to support their favorite go go dancers... And it was a wild scene indeed...
Elizabeth Michelle created a surrealistic magic in this picture.  Come to think of it, HIN is truly fantastic in setting all the things up.  The lighting, the stage, the screens on the stage, and all of those, are totally awesome and passionately well done!  Kudos!!
Jennifer Irene Gonzalez always looks confident and professional!  Super!
Natalia Marie, we are so happy to see you at HIN!
Amazing hair... Wow!
Holly Lee and Tracy Lihn (right)!!  She is such a trooper!!  We love her!!
Xena Kai always attracts camera, flash, crowd and more crowd... Super cool!
Capristan Swimsuit angel is looking back at us!!  How sweet!
The performing go go dancers on stage are totally amazing!  Their creativity, their performance, and their work are not about tempting energy or salacious exposures.  It's a totally different direction and it's just simply art!
The beautiful spiral pose....

Ashley Vee looks awesome here!!