2011 HIN Gabby Jeanne, Nicole Marie, Sherry Tee and More Awesome Models

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 Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - If there is a major car show, Gabby is there and people could not stop taking pictures of her or chatting with her or buying her posters and photos!  Gabby is a great model with great talents and great ambitions!

 We first met her at a HIN show, and through out all the HIN shows (except the ones that did not happen) she has been one of the focal points among the HIN-crowds.  Totally undeniably awesome!

 Keep up the good work Gabby!!  See you soon again!
 We met this model from a crowd of models for Stage 6 Motoring / S6M.  We did a "sourcing from the crowd"... :->

 Totally cute and friendly model from Kinetik!  She has that bright and perky personality through in our nano-shoot at the HIN...

Nicole Marie is a rising super star!  Not only she has garnered the Hankook model title, she's worked for so many companies at car shows that her resume could be a mile long.  And we met her not too long ago when she first started.  Our hats' off to her!  Great job Nicole!

 Sherry Tee was a bit shy with us at first.  Then with some warming flashes, she gave us a great modeling work!