2011 HIN Alysson Holt, Ashley Vee, Elyse Miles, Jessica Byrd, Kay Bae, and Mimi Vue

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 Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - HIN is a symbol of great models and amazing cars.  Here is another example of this high quality bar that HIN has set...  Alysson Holt is HOT here!

 Ashley Vee presented a different type of great work.

 Elyse Miles is such a tall, slender and wonderful model that stood out in the booth, literally and professionally!  Great job Elyse!

 Jessica Byrd is at a perfect spot for the perfect photo-op!!  Awesome Jessica!

 Kay Bae is such a rococo style model that has many cool accessories to accentuate her brilliancy of modeling!

 Mimi Vue is a great surprise, because she is ambidextrous in fashion poses and glamour poses.  Awesome Mimi!!  Keep it up!!