2011 Autocon Highlights Part 2

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Irvine, CA (Py) - Ela Pasion (above) at Autocon was one of the favorites among photographers.  When there is a commotion, crowd, or just lots of flashes, you probably will at least find her in one of them...

Trinity Dang showed us a sultry yet bright expression!  Trinity is such a great model, arrived early, smile a lot, and warm to people!  Kudos!!
Terra Brown is such a kidder... It's always fun to have a shoot with her!
Raichelle Viado!!  Looking great, and making the car look great as well!
Ms Rachel!  We missed her for so long!  We were so happy to see her at the show!  Autocon has attracted so many great models!!  Awesome!
Marie Alvarez (left) and Trinity Dang, double the smiles and double the fun!
Kelly Jimenez worked with the bike to give us that overall semi-gothic look!  Cool!
Julie Mai always gives us a happy and glorious smile!!  It's like the Sun is always on her right side!  Fantastic!
Holly Lee with the glasses makes her even more cuter and fun to shoot with!

Christina Z gave us a strong showroom model pose.  Awesome!
Alexx Juice!  Our featured model!  We are very happy to see her again!  It's been a long while since the last time, and she is busy and popular as always!
Uh, we did not catch her name, but she is totally cool giving us a moment for photos when she really needed to get back to her booth...
The sunset is the magic and gold and the best moment to shoot, is n't it?
Chaba and Christine look so awesome together!!
Jackie Treadwell, Michelle Sanchez, and Jenna Trujillo are the three gaces at the model lounge!
We are going through the couple pictures here...