2011 Autocon Highlights Part 1

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Irvine, CA (Py) - 2011 Autocon is like the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  They leap-grew multi-folds from last year's production.  It was less than a year ago, Autocon was literally a parking garage event.  However, this year, it rivals other major car shows and gathered both gorgeous models and awesome cars.  The show garnered and attracted many big name models either on-duty or off-duty, which is a feast of photo ops.  Plus the outdoor weather could not be more perfect for the models to feel comfortable, the cars to look nice, and the photographers to feel giddy.  It is a very good show, and we applaud the organization and the crew for an excellent job.  Keep up the great work, Autocon guys!

Amy Fay (above) is just simply magical.  The perfect sunset light on her hair, Autocon banner in the background, and her awesome promo poster on the table, just framed this stunning beauty for a stunning picture!

Trinity Dang (below) came from the Bay Area for the show, and was one of the hardest working models there.  She always maintained a great smile, easy-to-approach personality, and totally awesome photo poses.  Very very cool!

 Christine Barnum has brought that holiday spirit for us! :-)

Caitlin Carleton showed off her long legs and some creative moves too!

 Chaba!  Our feature model!  Her feature look!  We are so happy to see her!  Totally awesome!
 Chelsie Badder (for K1 Speed) has that super model + super celebrity look!  She has such a great work ethics that always looks good and professional at her booth.  Great job Chelsie!
 Ela Pasion is such a special model, not just in an amazing import model way; she has that warm and kind eye connection that makes you instantly feel that you are her best friend.  Not many models have that ability nor can they be coached to do so... Ela has that amazing gift indeed!
 Eva Skye!  She is such a jet setter that one month she is here and next month, she may be on the other side of the globe.  Great job Eva!
 Gabby Jeanne always has that amazing look.  She is so photogenic and talented that she can do no wrong to your lens.  And her passionate personality matches her flower accessory, which is becoming her signature look.  Always smashing and always ravishing!
 (name removed) knows what she wants and she will get it.  Shooting her with various cars was simply cool. A mini on-site photo series is coming up!
 Lyna Sparks!!  Our feature model too!!  We are so happy to see her again!  She looks totally awesome with the awesome car behind her!  Shooting her there is like at a family party.  Way cool!
 Maya Michelle Rew!  We had such a great time shooting such a wonderful top model of her!  Not only she gave us awesome pictures, she is great to chat with to catch up.  Always looking forward to her in shows!
 Raichelle Viado!!  Wow, Autocon really brought great models here!!  We missed Raichelle for so long!  This is the first time she's out for a while and looks sooo fine!!  Great job Raichelle!!
 Terra Brown really got our holiday bug here!  If she falls through your chimney, would you be naughty or nice?  Terra is such a animated and bright model that shooting her is like playing through a video game, full of interactions, surprises, and fun!!  Awesome Terra!

Xena Kai has a whole crowd of photographers surrounding her.  She is like a queen bee circled by photographers offering their camera attention.  If she were to be on a red carpet, her name will be shouted out by all the photographers to get her looking there for that wonderful shot.  Always stunning and always amazing!!  Great job Xena!!