Genevieve Chanelle and 2Crave Model

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - We were so happy to see Genevieve Chanelle again, and she was very happy to see us too!  When we talked about the magazine, her eyes brightened up, her adrenaline spiked, and her spirit perked up.  She told us how she loves the magazine.  And we told her how we love  her wonderful talent!  It's a feel-good world, isn't it? :-)

Genevieve really knows how to give us right angles, cool looks, and wonderful photos!  That's what we called the professionalism!

We will always remember how sweet Genevieve is and most certainly hope to see her again very soon!

Keep up the awesome work, Genevieve!!
We did not catch the other model's name... However, she looks very cool too!

She really has that calm and soft ambiance around her...  Totally brings the serene feeling back to the scene.

Great job!!!