Cover Model - Tabitha Martinez, Wheels and Heels Magazine Part 3

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Tabitha is such an amazing model that we could not stop taking pictures of her!  This time, she showed us a more candid side of her in front of the camera. :-)

Her flawless look and wonderful modeling talent just made our job so easy!!  It's like a guaranteed lottery ticket that you can only get great results working with her!!  

The weather was super dramatic and that did not deter us from getting to the beach.  Actually the wind was not kind, and the waves were harsh, and the tide, oh the tide... it was attacking!

Nonetheless, we still find spots, tranquility, and tiny windows of opportunities to create magic with Tabitha!  She was so bold and audacious that she gave us great smiles despite the chilling wind, or freezing water (if you've been to California, you would know the water is pretty cold here..)  Our hats' off to Tabitha!

Not only she can look so amazing, she can pose so artfully, she is also so free and playful that it's hard not to catch the happiness in her and share with the world!

Part 4 is coming tomorrow... Stay tuned!