2011 SEMA Models Highlight Week - Part 5

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Las Vegas, NV (Py) - What can we say... SEMA is a magical place... Sarah and Maya had an impromptu performance that will last in one's head for ever and more... You two are simply out of this world!!  Hat's off to you both!!

Auto Fondo presented us a warm and great model to showcase their magazine.
Clazziio's models are so cool!  We thought we remember their names, but failed this time... Ugh!  However, their car seats are totally awesome!  They have a new design and style.  We will feature in our Xposure section soon!
Jordan Keali looks awesome here... Really wish we see her more and provide more amazing photos of her!
Amber Pohl (right) looks totally awesome!!  She came a long way to Las Vegas.  Also, check out her MM profile and portfolio here [ext link]. 
Olivia Korte!  She is just so photogenic!!  Camera never lies!  Great job Olivia!
Janelle Ha has a different lighting set up here... :-)  Still always looks great!
iPad-Kiosks hired a super cool model here!
Mopar model has that so so friendly smile in an intense cat suit...
More Mopar model!!
Now the Nitto models.  They are super classy and cool!

Danielle Lo (right) gave us a seriously happy smile!  I think we totally distracted the other model's gaze by our big dish... :-)
Starr hired a performer that did a crowd-super-gathering number... Don't you appreciate the creativity of SEMA promotions?
Tornel models love to remain anonymous but looking cute!  Sounds like google Chrome browser...
Voseen's model, Katie Dix looks so clean and stylish, just like the copany's booth set up.
Pirelli model!!  Cool!