2011 SEMA Models Highlight Week - Part 3

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Las Vegas, NV (Py) - This year's SEMA show, just like previous years, gathered best talents in the industry. Genevieve Chanelle (above) for 2Crave came from the beautiful Bay Area of San Francisco Bay and graced the hot and dry desert Las Vegas show.  Genevieve has such a warm and passionate personality that she made us feel like old friends.  She is totally awesome!!  We look forward to seeing her a lot more in the future!

The model in the exhibit concourse attracted a large crowd, making the buzzing traffic even more happily jammed.
Corissa Furr and Summer Daniels for Anzo are the dynamic duo that totally gave the booth great attention and making attendees happy by signing their autographs.  Great jobs!!
Michelle Kroesing was on her break, but still working hard when we saw her.  She still gave us a warm smile after 7 hours of standing, greeting, talking, smiling, and more smiling...  Kudos!
The Bead Bazooka models handled their product prop with full confidence.  They look like they can also handle a truck's axle or a differential gear box too!
Melanie Tillbrook is such a wonderful model for Falken.  We've seen her many times across various events, and she always look beautiful and friendly!  Super cool!
We just think that Olivia Korte (Falken) is such a stunning model that we had to take multiple photos of her and share with our readers.  She totally can make any cars look amazing!  Great job Olivia!
The model from Fashion Paint gave us a 80's glamour look and a totally awesome pose for our camera.  Thank you Fashion Paint model!
Models, and Company, we are soooo sorry that we did not record your names... But you guys look totally awesome nonetheless!!  Thank you for being wonderful for us!
The Hayashi Telempu booth is a very tranquil Japanese style display.  The uniform has a beautiful writing of "Forest", which consists of two "wood"s.  Very cool!
Janira Kremets for Nitto gave us a strong and awesome pose!  Nateasha Alexander told us that we must take pictures of Janira, and we totally agree that we should!  Thank you Janira and Nateasha (you are very cool!)!!
Jennifer Yi for Nutek gave us a cool model look, matching the cool tech around her.
Tatayana Chernyuk (left) and Tona Connolly for Rightpsi are two "Wow" models at the show.  The two wonderful and talented models gave us undivided hospitality to our camera and flash.  They are totally fantastic!  Stay tuned to see more!!
Rugged Ridge model accommodated the company products to definitely attract attention to the product, the "new product" of the company!
Jessyca Rayanne (right) for Sailun gave us a mesmerizing look that makes you want to stay longer, and see her more!  Great job!!
Miss Genna and Ashley Malia for Spec-D generated a lot of attention by just being there and signing their posters.  We haven't seen Miss Genna for a long time, so this is such a wonderful surprise!!  Ashley always has that girly shy charm that totally draws you in each time.
Joselyn Cano for Strada is always great to meet in person!
Samantha Olmsted for Total Automotive is the Miss Car Craft Summer Nationals. Even thought this is the first time we meet her, she is so warm to us that gave a great coverage of the booth and herself.  That's what we call a great promotional model!!