2011 SEMA Models from Nitto, Gazario, Green Tires, Kenda, Lexani, and Pirelli Models

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Nitto Tires always preserves that sexy and classy look for their models. The incredible gown that this model wore is totally awesome, with the zebra prints to represent the tire marks, and the black low hemline to indicate the solid tire material, yet, the model is super comfortable and happy.  Great job!

 Gazario provided a wonderful backdrop for their model with all the shiny and patterns all over.

 Green Tires models and their wardrobe are very Latin American authentic.  They are such a fresh introduction to the car modeling scene here.

 Kenda model is so friendly!!  What a great ambassador role she plays!
 Lexani Party had a model at the booth to give away tickets to their party.  She is totally a wonderful salesperson!  People just cannot refuse her great offers!  Very cool!

 This year, Pirelli has a new design of the uniform, as mentioned before.  We love the beautiful color, always a classic combination of black and yellow.  However, we do miss their last year's edginess for the use of the materials.