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November 30, 2011

HIN is Coming! Retro HIN Days - Part 1

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Hot Import Night used to be the top, the king, the utmost, the best import car show tour here, if not the whole world.  The hotness thermometer of the models and cars is just off the chart that is non-disputable.  Despite some set backs in the last season after a change of hand, now they are coming back with the original owner and are poised to bring back its original glory!

Here are some photos dug out from the "good old days" that you might be able to relive in this coming Saturday again!

We start with HIN 2007 at Chula Vista, CA

 Bahara [pic bio int link] ...
 Alicia [pic bio int link] ...

 Our Feature Model, Chelsie!! [pic bio int link] ...

 Entering 2008 HIN at LACC, Los Angeles, CA

Mercedes (the model, not car)...

 Bahara again!

Then 2008 HIN at Pomona, CA ...

 Gina ...
 Chelsie!!  Yay!!

November 29, 2011

Cover Model Nina Nicole, Wheels and Heels Magazine, Part 2

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 Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Continuation of Part 1, of our Cover Model Nina Nicole.

W&HM: What do you like to do when you have free time, if any, since you seem to be always on the go or go-go? :-)
Nina: I love what I do, I hate down time, but when I do have any I like to go shopping or hang out with friends over lunch, see a movie maybe...

W&HM: What characteristics of a guy do you see at the first glance?
Nina: Eyes ^_^

W&HM: Do you follow any kind of sports?  Do you play any?
Nina:I have to be a saints fan, I also played soccer in high school #defense!!

W&HM: Please tell us something that you have not told anyone else before! :-)
Nina: I totally gogo in my car while I drive! Shhhhh Im a good driver dont worry Lol

W&HM: Last two questions, if you have all the money in the world, whatkind of car would you get?
Nina: I have to go all out and say lambo all black!!!  Yay!!

W&HM: Last one, :-)  What would you like to say to your fans out there?
Nina: That every ounce of support means so much to me!!  I love this industry and couldnt do it if it werent for my fans I dont take any of it for granted!!

W&HM: Thank you very much!  Where could our readers find more information about you?
Nina: :-)

November 28, 2011

Cover Model Nina Nicole, Wheels and Heels Magazine Part 1

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Nina Nicole is an amazing model that we are very happy to have her as our featured model!  Although she's not at the 6' fashion model height, she has the drive and fire in her passion for modeling that easily surpasses many fashion models out there!

We really appreciate that she drove all the way from San Diego to Los Angeles (130 miles, or 210 kms) for our shoot, and way ahead of the call time, which says loudly of her getting-things-done work ethics!

Let's know more about her!  Here is our interview with Nina!

W&HM: Please let us know more about you first!
Nina:I started gogo dancing 3 years ago and modeling about 2 years ago. I have danced all over the San Diego and Los Angeles scenes as well as car shows and insomniac events. Remember to come see me and HIN 2011 this saturday 12/03 Discount code "CAME"! :-)

W&HM: Haha, we can see a future CMO/COO in the making!!  Great job!
W&HM: How do you like modeling?  Which part is the most interesting to you?
Nina: I love the idea of conveying an emotion in a photo so when people see it they see more then makeup they FEEL an emotion

W&HM: If you go to a shopping mall, do you first go to the fashion stores,
or food court, or movie theater?
Nina: More then likely I will hit the closest starbucks first! Then the fashion stores :-)

W&HM: What is one most inspiring quote that you can share with us?
Nina: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"  -Eleanor Rosevelt

Part 2 is coming tomorrow!
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