Highlights of 2011 CAME Show

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 La Mirada, CA (W&HM) - It was a gorgeous day in Southern California.  The sky was blue, the temperature was comfortable, and there was not much traffic.  However, you would never know if you were inside the conference room in Holiday Inn, La Mirada.  The CAME (Celebrity and Model Expo) show had a strong showing with both models and attendees.

As you can tell, the super majority of the models are from car shows and import car industry, which inherently has a lot of Asian models.  To lead off the article is Ryan Oso (above).  Lately she has a lot of showing across various car shows.  She definitely has that super model charisma and defining presence!  Great work Ryan!

And here come more models...

 Arley Elizabeth wanted to give us a bear hug!  It says on her T!
 Ashley Kristen is looking smashing!!  She has that coolness and star power that are hard not to notice!  Kudos Ashley!
 Diana Ochoa has been very busy lately!  She is like a transformed model that shines and brightens the industry!  Great job Diana!
 Ela Pasion always amasses a huge crowd of cameras and flashes, just by standing there, posing amazingly cute and sexy!  Very cool!

 We caught Jeri Lee enjoying an online conversation with a very sweet smile!
Jewelyn came all the way from Las Vegas to the show and we are sooo happy to see her again!  It's been a long time!!  Welcome back to So-Cal, Jewelyn!
 Kay Bae is doing a double duty with her new pillow!  Definitely can spark a coffee table conversation...  Haha
 Melissa Anne Whitney and her sister drove 9 hours from Nor-Cal down here for the show.  We highly admire their determination!  Great job!

 Nikita Penalosa is like a gentle flower ascending from the smoke machine platform...  What an entrance!
 Roxy Ayala has that sweet yet sultry smile that just melts your heart!

More to come for sure! :-)