Cover Model - Nikki Enos, Wheels and Heels Magazine, Part 2

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(Continued from yesterday)
 Los Angeles, CA (Py)

W&HM: Totally different direction, what is one most inspiring quote that you can share with us?
Nikki: "Two things that define success in life: the way you manage when you have nothing & the way you behave when you have everything!"

 W&HM: Say, if you have two tips for new models, what would you say to them?
Nikki: If I had two tips for new models, I would tell them 1.) To be humble and feel comfortable in your own skin. Natural beauty will ALWAYS be the best beauty! 2.) Be confident and never doubt your talents! Push yourself to the best of your potential.

 W&HM: What characteristics of a guy do you see at the first glance?
Nikki: The characteristics I see in a guy at first glance are his manners, his hygiene, and the way he talks. Believe it or not, the kind of shoes he wears are important and strong legs are essential!

 W&HM: Do you follow any kind of sports?  Do you play any?
Nikki: YES! I love watching NFL Football. I get excited just thinking about it! I am a huge fan, thanks to my Father. GO STEELERS ;) I also enjoy playing beach volleyball with my family and friends.

 W&HM: Please tell us something that you have not told anyone else before! :-)
Nikki: Hmm? I can be very supersticious. Lol :)

 W&HM: Last two questions, if you have all the money in the world, what kind of car would you get?
Nikki: If I had all the money in the world that would be nice! I would most likely get a Range Rover. I basically like cruising in any kind of SUV!

 W&HM: Last one, :-)  What would you like to say to your fans out there?
Nikki: I would like to say, thank you for all your love and support! I know I have the BEST supporters out there and this is exactly why I do what I do :) Also remember to stay healthy, reach for your goals, dreams do come true, and live life to the fullest! God bless everyone!

W&HM: Thank you very much!  Where could our readers find more information about you?
Nikki: Thank you W&HM!!! Your team is AMAZING! I had such a great time and it will never be forgotten! You guys can check me out on
Twitter: @NikkiKahea

W&HM: Thank you again for being such a great featured model!!
Nikki: Thank you Py and to the rest of the W&HM team!!! Much love and ALOHA to you all <3