Cover Model - Nikki Enos, Wheels and Heels Magazine, Part 1

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We have had a great opportunity to work with a model full of life and passion, talents and creativity!  Nikki Enos is nothing but amazing!  Through the encountering with Nikki after the Bimmerfest this year, we are super impressed by her hardworking drive and her fantastic personality!

 There are so many aspects of Nikki that we will have a glimpse of them through our conversation with Nikki.

 So without further delay, here is the energetic chat with Nikki...

W&HM: Aloha Nikki!! Thank you for the shoot. You are totally wonderful!!
Nikki: Mahalo, I was super ecstatic about it! I enjoyed every second of working with the W&HM team. The photoshoot was a success and it is such an honor to be a part of Wheels and Heels magazine!

 W&HM: Please let us know more about you first.
Nikki: I was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I am mixed with Filipino, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese, and English. I moved to The Bay Area for school and I graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Kinesiology. I lived in The Bay for seven years and I recently moved to Los Angeles, CA. I now reside in West Hollywood. I am currently a Certified Personal Trainer and I model part time. I plan to attend school soon for my Master's Degree!

 W&HM: How do you like modeling?  Which aspects are most exciting?
Nikki: I love modeling! The most exciting aspects about modeling is putting myself into character. Every photoshoot I do with the photographers I work with is always creative and fun! I am open to any ideas and I enjoy putting outfits together. I also love meeting new people. Ever since I started modeling, I have met a lot of incredible people in the industry!

 W&HM: Do you travel much? Which city do you like most?  Which city do you like to go someday?
Nikki: I love traveling however, I do not travel as often as I would like to. I absolutely love all of the cities in The Bay, especially San Francisco! SF is such a lovely city filled with hardworking people! I would like to travel to The Bahamas, Tahiti, and Figi. I prefer any where tropical and sunny!

 W&HM: What do you like to do when you have free time, if any, since you seem to be always on the go? :-)
Nikki: You are right! I am almost "always on the go." Lol but when I do have free time I usually cook, bake, workout, take walks, go to the beach, read a book or magazine, practice my Hula, and of course rest. I love sleeping :)

W&HM: If you go to a shopping mall, do you go to the fashion stores, or food court, or movie theater?
Nikki: I am not your typical girl and I hardly go to the shopping malls. Isn't that weird? Lol but when I do, I check out the fashion stores! I am very picky so I always end up window shopping. Can't forget the food court though! I am always hungry so I am bound to end up at the food court for energy! I hit the movie theater only if I am sure there is a movie I will not fall asleep to :)

(Part 2 is coming tomorrow...)