October 31, 2011

2011 November Desktop Calendar Wallpaper - Tabitha Martinez

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Tabitha is such a great cover model, this photo is just perfect for a desktop calendar wallpaper for everybody!!  It has the open space on the lower left hand side to store your favorite application icons.  And the dates are much more clear to see now!!  Yay!!

Also for 1024x768 size, please go to here [ext link].

For the standard 4 x 3 aspect ratio desktop, e.g.
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(Just wan to save some e-space... :->)

Cover Model - Tabitha Martinez, Wheels and Heels Magazine Part 1

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We have the great pleasure and honor to have Tabitha Martinez to be our featured cover model for November 2011!  Tabitha is an amazing model!  We first saw her in a club venue.  She was standing there like a goddess, tall, slim, and confident, yet uncannily friendly.

  Then we were very happy to see her in various car shows.  We are always impressed with her talents and attention to perfection.  And a wonderful opportunity given us to have her grace our cover!

 During our work with Tabitha, she was such a fun person to shoot with!!  It doesn't matter it's with a car, with a rock, or in the water, Tabitha is totally awesome, amazing!!

 Now let's know Tabitha more, a lot more!!

W&HM: Tabitha!!  It's great meeting you and such a pleasure shooting you for our Featured Model editorial!!  Twice!!  You are totally awesome to work with!!
Tabitha: I always have a great time working with you.... Such an amazing gift you have.

W&HM: Awww, thank you very much!  First, please tell us more about yourself.
Tabitha: Sure!  I'm a single parent who enjoys every moment of life... Even the bad ones because they make you stronger.  I love the beach, working out, dancing, having fun with friends, modeling and most of all spending time with my beautiful daughter! :-)

W&HM: How's modeling life for you?  Which aspects of it that you like most?
Tabitha: Modeling... Hmmm well being the center of attention is great, what more can you say haha I love trying new things and working with new people. When work falls into my lap its a little less stressful then getting turned down at an audition.

W&HM: Talking about stress, it makes me hungry!  Do you cook?  And what types of food do you like to cook, say on a Friday night...
Tabitha: I try... HAHA I love Chicken so I make all kinds of meals out of chicken...
On a Friday night I would probably start off with a small salad (I'm weird, no dressing) then Grilled chicken with steamed vegis, white rice and a nice glass of white wine. Dessert.... um mm strawberry cheesecake would work haha

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Part 2 continued tomorrow... Stay tuned! 

SEMA is Right Around the Corner!

 Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - SEMA, the gigantic show for auto equipment is on November 1!!  Here is a reminder and more pictures from our Xposure site:

The SEMA site is: http://www.sema.org/

Stay tuned for the highlight to come directly from Vegas!!  What happens there will be happening here!! :-)

October 30, 2011

Sony Model, Nitto Model, and passionate Alicia LaBady!!

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 Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Sony has come out with strong force with many amazing models.  Besides Joselyn Cano and many other cool models, here is another great proof!!

 Now to the Nitto scene...
 We have not met this Nitto model before, but she was totally hardworking at the event!  She was handing out bags, posing for photographers, smiling and greeting incoming passers-by, and many more!

 Our hats' off to you, hardworking Nitto Model!

 Then we saw Alicia!!  She's looking smashing!!

 We are soooo happy to see her again!!!
 And she is so passionate!!  What a great California girl!!  Super cool Alicia!!

October 29, 2011

Diana Grant, Celeste Staana and Holly Lee at FD Title Fight

 Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Diana Grant always looks amazing!!  We met her again at the Formula Drift Final Round event.  She is such a consistent and professional model that is really an industry standard!
 Awesome work Diana!!
 We caught Celeste Stanna left and right... On the walk way...

 In the Exedy booth...

 By the product stand...  How dedicated she is!!

 Then we also met Holly Lee...

 She has that really bright and sharp look that is super cool!
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