Cover Model - Chaba, Wheels and Heels Magazine (Part 2)

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 Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Continued from Part 1 (yesterday).

W&HM: Do you like traveling?  Where is the city/place that you like most?  Where do you want to go most?
Chaba: The REAL question to that is, who DOESN'T like to travel? Right? I love travelling yet i haven't been much places yet.. Ugh...
I've only been out to Nevada, Arizona, and parts of Mexico like Tijuana, La Paz, & Cabo San Lucas. The place iv'e been wanting to go to REALLY BAD is JAPAN!!! Since forever, Iv'e been dreaming of visiting Japan & the Philippines..

  W&HM: Please tell us something that you have not told anyone else before! :-)
Chaba: I wanna move to the Moon, and live there.

  W&HM: That's very cool!!  Tell us more!!  :->
Chaba: I also wanna start an all girls only car crew. Shhhhh *winks*

W&HM: What is one inspiring quote that you can share with us?

 W&HM: What do you think about world peace?  An unreachable star, or of course if we work hard, or what kind of question is this???
Chaba: Oh. I didn't know i was signing up for Miss America as well...(Now she is doing the Miss America hand waving...) it's all good. Seriously, I think its impossible..Living in a world like THIS?!? Where it seems easier to make enemies than friends.. The country we live in alone, is in a deep pit of DEBT, a debt so deep in itself, that it's already IMPOSSIBLE to pay off. So what do we do now?!? All other countries look at Americans as crap, & i don't blame them for thinking that way. Though we reach out to different parts of the world to send help & donations, etc etc for natural disasters that occur & cause doesn't substitute all the money we owe. We are all, as ONE, supposed to be helping one another in times of need, just as friends do.. NOT stealing from each other, bombing each other's homelands, etc. It's Ridiculous. Living in this world is a horror film, the scariest movie EVER, & WE are living it...

 W&HM: Here is a bit more light-hearted question.  Haha.  What is your favorite color?  Tell us 5 things that you own that have that color... :-)
Chaba: GREEN! I used to have long green hair in 06', I also get my nails done with green alot of times, I used to have green eye contacts but not anymore, I have alot of green clothing :-) my bed sheets are green, my light stand in my room is green,i have green vans sneakers, my shampoo bottle and conditioner bottle & my shaver..GREEN! I can go on n on.

 W&HM: Last question, if you have all the money in the world, what kind of car would you get?
Chaba: A Dark GREEN 91' Lotus Esprit Turbo. And i'd even get the small die cast model car to go with it!!

(PLUG: The car was provided by Drew of TNA Autosports.  It's a Honda Civic turbo, Hatchback, 1999 with a cool spoiler.  The rims are totally awesome and spanking shiny!!  The car color is stealth silver with carbon fiber. The interior has a built in TV screen.  Gives it a mechanical tech feel with an electronic touch.  Very nice!!)

 W&HM: Thank you very much!!  It's always great to see you at shows!!  You are always awesome to catch up on things!!
Chaba: Thans alot, Py!! Ditto! Same to you! I'll most likely see you at the next show.

W&HM: Thank you again!!  Definitely love to do more featuring and coverage of you in the future!!
Chaba: Oh really? Sweet! Sounds good to me, I'm down, I'll be here!

Before i go i wanna give a shout out to YOU, PY!! & W&HM ! Also, Marc at Nastie Garage/Cali Love (my bf), Tricia at Spocom, Tony at ItsJDMyo! & the rest of his crew, Mike at Prestige Marketing, Justin at AutoCon Events, my bff Judith along w/ the rest of my friends, my family, my FANS!! & everyone else that helped me out & supported me!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

W&HM: Oh, BTW, where can people find you, or worship you?  :-)
Chaba: You can find me at  Twitter.Com/CHABA1LOVE   or WIX.COM/CHABA1/CHABAWORLD
and Drew's shop at