Cover Model - Chaba, Wheels and Heels Magazine (Part 1)

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are very pleased to have Chaba as our newest cover model!  We have noticed Chaba for a long time, back in her earlier different-hair-color days.  She is always a cool, unique, intelligent, warm, and friendly + personable model.  We are very + very happy to finally bring her to our magazine as our cover model!

  Through the photo shoot and interview work, we learned even more about Chaba.  However, her Q&A with us is a total gem!  One should not miss its entirety...

 So here we go!  Our interview with Chaba!!

W&HM: We finally get to feature you in our magazine!  Thank you very much for coming!! :-)
Chaba: You don't know how excited i am!! Thanks for choosing me, I feel so special !!! (she's giving us a big smiling face that an emoticon cannot describe it!)

 (BTW,  you can tell that Chaba is a really + really great model!)
 W&HM: Maybe you can tell us a little about yourself.  I think many people would love to know more about you!
Chaba: Well, i know what to start off with,haha due to the comments & questions I get from lots of people I meet in person..  i am FILIPINA-AMERICAN! Not vietnamese or chinese or japanese, Haha....alot of people don't get my nationality right at first!! & no im not mixed with any of those either..

 W&HM: When did you start modeling?  What would you say the best part of modeling?
Chaba: I started modeling in 06'/07' for when I dyed my hair GREEN!!! Yes, it was ALL green. then in 08' i began stepping into the car modeling industry,working for an old car crew i used to hang out with called "RL2" , theyre no longer around anymore though, but they helped me expand alot in the scene at the time & later when we all went our seperate ways, i managed to keep moving forward in the import modeling industry, i love it!!
The best part of modeling is doing the TRADE SHOWS, EXPOS, & CONVENTION events!!! i loooooove doing those!! Ive worked lots of FUN ones like the GameStop Expo, Anime Expo, Comic Con, E3, CES Show, Exxxotica Expo, Magic Trade Show, & sooo many more!!
W&HM: Wow, that's a very diverse and impressive list of shows... Haha

 W&HM: Do you like formal meals or light snacks?  What kind??
Chaba: Oh, I LOVE eating. Most of my spending goes to food,believe it or not.  If I didn't eat so much, I'd save SO MUCH MONEY in life !! When I go grocery shopping...oh my gosh, it's the end of the world, MAKE WAYY!!!
I love bbqing, i love steaks & all kinds of meats, I LOVE going to this one Brazilian Churrascaria called M GRILL. My favorite foods are Japanese, Brazilian, Korean & Mexican.. OK let's stop talking about food now, I'm getting hungry! NEXT QUESTION!
W&HM: Haha, actually the way you describe it makes me  hungry too!

This is part 1.
Part 2 will come out tomorrow!  Please stay tuned...