August 27, 2011

Bikini Contest - Jeri Lee, Ashley Harris, Genevieve Chanelle, Jasmine, Michelle Kroesing

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 Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - This year's Motion Auto Show Expo has that good old convention of bikini contest.  Jeri Lee was the hostess, and she did a marvelous job!!  She maintained the speed of flow; did not drag on nor suspend.  She introduced each contestant with simple and straightforward style.  When the bikini contest ended, it left you wanting more instead of having way too much, which is the best ending!!  Great job Jeri!!

 The appearances are not in the order of presentation... Nonetheless, the fun is the same... :-)

You can feel each contestant's individuality!
 Ashley Harris is looking good here!

 Genevieve Chanelle always has that sultry, tropical, passionate, and hot aura around her!

 Jasmine was the first contestant  on the stage actually.  She pretty much set the pace for the whole competition, steady and fun!

 Michelle Kroesing was always having tons of fun!  It was as much fun for the audience as for her, we are sure!

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