August 8, 2011

2011 Spocom Anaheim Highlights Part 1

 Anaheim, CA (Py) - This year's Spocom show is a much anticipated event.  Many models showed up and dozen times more photographers rushed to the event as well.  The size of the show is noticeably smaller than the past, which makes the traffic on the show floor more jammed than the infamous 405 freeway parking lot traffic.

We haven't seen Corissa Furr (above) for a long time.

 All kinds of talents are here!
 Nicole Marie is looking better and better and better each time we see her!  Many kudos!!
 Gabby Jeanne looks amazing with her big white flower!  She always has that special fashion sense that is elegant and stylish.  Super chic!!
 Joselyn Cano looks smashing!
 It's always + always great to see Raichelle Viado!!  She is such a warm, friendly, and wonderful model!
 Roxy Ayala arrived early and looking wonderful!
 You can count on Tracy Linh on most events.  We have very high respect to her dedication!
 Kaylee Alana not only looks amazing at go-go dancing, her modeling pose is so rhythmical as well!
 We haven't seen Kay Bae for a looooong time either.  She has developed a multi-directional career and is doing great!!
 Julie Mai is a mighty joy to take pictures of...
 Diana Lushus (right) has that amazing blonde hair style that is radiating!
 Chaba!!  Such an amazing model!!  Totally awesome!
 Breathtaking!  Literally!
 Michelle Yee looks bright and energetic here!

 Diana Ocha's go-go dancing is mesmerizing!!  She is really + really good!!

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