2011 Motion Auto Show Expo - Highlights 2 / 3

Long Beach, CA (Py) - The mega show of Motion Auto Show & Expo must have a great bikini contest!  They sure delivered!!  Jeri Lee (above) hosted the show and it's a straightforward, no-hassle, and lots of fun contest!  Very cool!

Ashley Malia showed her natural catwalk cool...
Genevieve Chanelle was looking good on the stage...
Xena Kai has that matching fiery energy!!
We even love the light set up there!
The final three!!  Nice x 3!!
Back on the earth... Haha.  Layla Lu is super sexy as always!
Michelle Kroesing with her friends drove all the way from SD to LB... Great job!
Nicole Marie!!  Always lovely!

Annie Kioudjan was working hard there...

Part 3 is coming right up!!

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