2011 Motion Auto Show Expo - Highlights 1 / 3

 Long Beach, CA (Py) - This year's Motion Auto Show and Expo, Super Show Long Beach, is a super + super cool, AAA rating mega show, that we have not seen for a long while!!  In the time of carshow downsizing, model hibernating, attendance dropping like stock market, Pro-Motion Distributing bucked the trend, and showed the industry - Taking this!!  This is how it should be done!!  They totally brought back the big show, big floor space, big buzzes that the industry was like at its peak a couple of years ago.  We are very happily impressed by their work and the show.  They totally deserve that AAA rating!!  Fantastic job, guys!!

We haven't seen Chelsie (above) for the last two plus years.  She is stunning and amazing and awesome-ing!!

Chaba (below) was in the Pas Magazine booth, and drove tons of traffic in.  Her work is nothing but the net!!  Awesome!!
 Corrisa Furr is always stunning, always flash triggering, and always great to meet!
 Danielle Lo looks just like a great fashion model among the metals...
 Eva Skye and Lyna Ly Sparks are looking super cute together!
 Gabby Jeanne for High End is totally high end!!  We are so happy to see her and see her in front of cars, not obligatorily sitting behind the table...
 Genevieve Chanelle has that special look that is theatrical, and glamour, and ... femme fatale... She reminds us the catwoman, for some reason...  Very cool!
 Joselyn Cano is just a great model that she can just stand there and people flock to her...
 Julie Galindo is the one and only Falken Tires model in the show and she handled it super well!!  Great look and great job!!
 Xena Kai works great and look amazing in our camera... Hmm, everybody's camera too!!
 Our another featured model, Lyna Ly Sparks!!  She went go-go dancing this time, is just looking super adorable, especially with her favorite pink color!!

 Melyssa Grace gave us her super sultry and totally stunning look that will be in our head for a long time!!
We got a super chic look of Alexia Cortez.  We love those focused eyes!!  That's great modeling we call it!!  Super!
 It's always great talking with Sarah McDowd!!  She's like a best friend and share everything in life.  Love it!!
 Tracy Linh is the icon of car shows.  If you see her, probably you are in a car show.  Dedication!!
 Ashlee Arika is looking super happy!  We are too!!
Ugh, we should know her name by now... Nonetheless, just gorgeous!

This is part 1 of the highlights.
Part 2 and Part 3 are coming in the next two days... Stay tuned!

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