Wheels and Heels Magazine Featuring Alexx Juice Part 1

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Alexx Juice is a unique model bursted into to scene.  She is a triple threat talent.  She can compose and sing, she can deal with cars and horses, and she models!  This time we teamed up with a Trophy Corvette from PLATINUM Lifestyle Corvette.  The results are stunning!! And for the first time, we have a huge milestone achieved of 3D pictures of our editorial, leading a new trend in this field!!  We are very excited!!

 Alexx is very talented as we will find out through the interview with her.  She is also sensible, humble, and confident and a great pleasure to work with, as you can see from the pictures!

 We first met Alexx at the Haute Girl and Disco Days in San Diego, hosted by the Gimmie Girl Production.  She has that unique look that you don't really find in a promotional model.  Very cool model!

 It's a great pleasure working with PLATINUM Lifestyle for the editorial and they have graciously loaned the car to us for the shoot!  It's a totally amazing Corvette and perfectly situated in a palm-tree-rich Southern California posh neighborhood.  The car has won many trophies.

 And here is a very small portion of the specs of the car:
Platinum, a name associated with all things good, tends to reason why Al Carrington, owner of Platinum Lifestyle Entertainment chose this vehicle. A 1998 Chevy Corvette, multiple DUB and Funk Flex Car Show winner, and recipient of dozens of awards, this is a car that anyone would be proud to own. At first glance you see a standard everyday Corvette, but once you get close and start to examine this car inside and out, you start to see why this Corvette has over 75 trophies under its belt. This car is so beautiful and clean with a list of custom modifications ranging from interior, drive train, engine, and exterior, the list is so long we can’t post it here. You can see this Corvette and many other custom vehicles at the Platinum Lifestyle events throughout Los Angeles County; I hope to see you there.

This is also a new milestone of our magazine's pictorials.  We have ventured into the 3D world!!  This shoot could not be more perfect because of PLATINUM Lifestyle's car with the tall and leggy beautiful model Juice.  The 3D effect totally pops!  However, currently we can only show the red-cyan anaglyph pictures.  One day, when the HTML and browsers and  your monitor, and your in-chip-3D-conversion contact lenses are in place, we will create more stunning 3D effects! :-)  So whip out your red-cyan paper glasses, if you still have a pair and enjoy these two wonderful 1st generation "Wheels and Heels Magazine 3D" pictures!!

Now let's know more about Alexx Juice life!

W&HM: Tell us where you are from?
Juice: I am from Morco, which stands for North Corona.  And Corona is in the Riverside County in California, like off I-15.

 W&HM: How long you have been modeling?
Juice: Ummmm, a couple of months... :-)

W&HM: Really??? Wow, that's amazing.  You look like a natrual born model!!
Juice: Well, I always like to look in the mirror and do different poses, haha

This is Part 1.  More to come tomorrow!!  :-)

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