Wheels and Heels Magazine Featuring Alexx Juice Part 2

 Los Angeles, CA (Py) - continued from Part 1.

W&HM: Which part of modeling you like most?
Alexx: Hmmm, just see how good I can look.  I never thought that I can look that good...  Just by doing different poses and wearing my own clothes.  :-)

W&HM: What kind of foods do you like?
Alexx: All foods.  I eat a lot... Haha  I like Lagania.  But I don't really like Cheeseburger.  I like Mexican food, and spicy food... Ya, Mexican and Italian! :-)

W&HM: Well, tell us one Mexican dish that you like!
Alexx: I like Enchillada, chicken burritos.  I love burritos... Haha

W&HM: Haha, do you cook?
Alexx: Mac and Cheese... :-)  I can do mesh potatos.  My mom taught me how to make it.  Well, in general, I can cook, especially when I am hungry... Haha

W&HM: When you go to the beach what kind of swimwear you like to wear?
Alexx: Well, bikinis... Haha.  As for color, I wear a lot of black.  I like anything black, or maybe red, purple, very deep and rich colors.  And orange!  That's probably the brightest color I like.

W&HM: Let's talk about your the other passion...
Alexx: You mean Music?  Yes, I love music.  I write my own songs.  I taught myself how to play guitar in 2009.  I play open mics all around Riverside (county in CA),  I love music and I've been doing musical theater for 5 or 6 years now.  I've been in Grease, Footloose, and several others...

W&HM: What kind of quality do you seek in a man that are most important?
Alexx: Hmmm, I don't really particularly look for something.  If a guy gets my attention, I like him to be nice and confident, and fun and don't really care what other people think...  You know, just do what they want and don't worry about other people's opinions.

W&HM: We heard that you like to ride horses.  Tell us more about it!
Alexx: I started riding horses when I was really really young.  I got my pony when I was five...  I've been pretty much riding horses all my life so far.  Not as much lately though. But I really like it. 

W&HM: How does that compare to, say driving a car?
Alexx: You have to keep your balance.  Many people don't know that key poiont.  It's almost like riding a motorcycle or a bike.  You have to balance in the middle.  If you go too far on one side, you just fall fromt he horse. Haha.  Balance is really the key.  I love the experience.  It gets you up in the air, and don't worry too much about things..  Somtimes, I fell from the horse, I would just get back up there.

W&HM: Talking about horse,  you also love cars!  Interesting!!
Alexx: Yea, I love my Honda.  And I drive a stick shift.  I love driving the stick shift.  I've been driving Honda all my driving life.   I love sports car, sometimes experience drifting a bit... Haha

W&HM: Wow,  you drift?
Alexx: Well, I went with my friend, and I was riding along out in the riverside.  I really like it!!

W&HM: So you will become a drifting star!
Alexx: Well, I am more a speed person... I like the speed, the torque,... Haha.  I fix my own cars sometimes, like change tires and change oil...  I know most of the things in and around the engine.  I cannot fix everything, but pretty familiar with the stuff.

W&HM: Say if you have all the money in the world, what kind of car would you get?
Alexx: Lancer Evolution!!  I really like that car, for like 5  years now.  I drove one on my birthday... :-)  I would say to get that car first, and maybe later on an Audi, or Jaguar, or a BMW, like M3 actually.

W&HM: Cool!  Last question.  What would you like to say to your fans out there?
Alexx: Haha, thank you for supporting me, liking me.  Hope I won't let you down and keep you smiling!  :-D  Thank you!!!

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