July 24, 2011

GXS Racing Models and Tracy Linh at Mitsubishi Anaheim Open House Event

 Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - We got a late invite to the Mitsubishi Open House event.  We got there kind of at the wrong time, as things are near closing down...  We did not get the crowd scene, nor did we get a picture of Michelle Yee giving away prizes... The event was not a huge one, partially due to other carshow events in other places, plus the HUGE Comic-Con down in SD...

 However, we did get some great pictures with GXS Racing girls.  They are awesome for us to shoot all around!

 Rachel contolella is a stable pillar of GXS Racing.  She is always there, always dedicated, always goes extra miles for us, and always fun to take pictures of!  Great job Rachel!

 She is really + really good at looking amazing now!

 Okay, by our request, the Charlie's Angel pose...
 We met up with Tracy at the event as well.  She is always a great person to hang out with, talk with and catch up with.  She is one of the coolest models that we've encountered in the import modeling scene.  Super cool!

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