July 10, 2011

3D - 1.4 Promotional Models in NMRA First West Coast Appearance

 Fontana, CA (W&HM) - The first west coast appearance of NMRA show.  It's in the hot hot Fontana, CA. You can tell how how it is by just looking at the sweats on our lovely Celeste Staana.  Uh, actually you need a 3D red/cyan glasses (those free ones from magazines...)  to see them...

Celeste is totally awesome!  She is hard working during the hot weather, always friendly among both friends and new friends, and very smart about smart technologies, like our 3D camera! :-)  Great job Celeste!
 Indeed, there were so few models that we decided to use 3D technology all through out!  It's also our major "wheels" coverage due to the same reason... :-)

Besides the lovely Celeste Staana for Exedy earlier, there is the only other model, well sort of... She is a model, but asks for "donation" to photograph her.  Therefore, we cannot say that she is a real promotional model per se, only half then.  After all, you need to promote something else besides yourself..

 Then into 5th picture, her "manager" took a look at the tip jar and said that it's the last one photo...  So we only have this many pictures to report... :-)  We did our best....

 With 3D technology, some of the dashboard pictures really come out amazing!  They don't need a lot of colors, but the different dials and apparatus placements are just perfect for 3D!

 And these are totally amazing!

 Then this one....... Wow!

* Click the picture for its original size *
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