July 11, 2011

2011 Extreme Autofest San Diego - Highlights!!

 San Diego, CA (Py) - Extreme Autofest is known for its diverse car showcases as well as model spectrum.  This year carries the good tradition with amazing talents, long waited talents, and new talents.  We are sure that you will like them both! :-)

We are very happy to see Gabby Jeanne (above, keyword: Gabby Jeanne) again!!  She told us a secret that she is going to have a big change!!  Let's look forward to what's in the future!!! Exciting!!

It's always great to see Raichelle Viado (below, keyword: Raichelle Viado).  She's always warm, even in this hot weather in SD, always friendly, and always strike amazing poses for everyone!

Wow, we haven't seen Leianna Kai (keyword: Leianna Kai) for many many new moons!!  She is still looking amazing and totally awesome to catch up again!  Very cool!

 Now here is the super creative Natalia Marie (keyword: Natalia Marie).  She always has unconventional ideas for our camera!

 We've never met Laurie Ann Tyler before!  A totally stunning blonde in the whole show!!  Super awesome!!

We are not sure if we met up Leila Shennib before or not, but her name sounds really familiar.  Nonetheless, she is really cool and has a totally amazing sculptured body!!  Our hats' off to her!!

Natalie Bee is great to meet with.  More than that is that her gogo dancing is one of the best that we have ever witnessed.  Here are some snap shots in the last year's Spocom.  Her moves are so fluid and artistic that is super mesmerizing..
 Bud Light models are super cool!

We met her at the Gimmie Girl Production's Haute Girl and Disco Days show.  She really has that mysterious and natural talent in her...

Alexx Juice!!!! (above, keyword: Alexx Juice), our Featured Model!!!  Yay!!  It's always great to see her!!  She is soooo personable and free-spirited!!  Very cool!!

 Lyna Ly Sparks (above, keyword: Lyna Sparks) is looking amazing!!  Wow!!

It's great to see Eva Skye (above, keyword: Eva Skye) again since the last show earlier this year.  She's been busy with her rocketing modeling career!!  Super!!

 Now the famous Bikini contest!!  First off the real race queens in Southern California!!  Very thoughtful!!
 And the contestants are all strong contenders this year!


 Michelle Kroesing!! (keyword: Michelle Kroesing) She has been appearing in many + many shows these days!! That's super cool!!  Keep up the good work!!
 Ashley has that special look for sure... :-)
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