Wheels and Heels Magazine Featuring Courtney Marie Part 1

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are very happy to have Courtney Marie as our Featured Model!  Courtney is an active model throughout the car shows and go-go dancing scenes in Southern California.

We first met Courtney at a fashion runway show in Southern California about a year ago.  Back then, we knew that she is a wonderful model and has a lot of great potential!!

Courtney is from the other end of the land here. She traveled all the way from the opposite end of the country, and settled here in Southern Cal.  We are very happy to have her here!!

We did a quick electronic interview.  From the interview, we learned many cool things about Courtney!  Let's reveal more facts and interests of Courtney Marie!

When asked about herself, she said, " Im originally from MA but moved here about 3 years ago. I enjoy modeling and I currently go go dance for Mishcief Mulisha. I love loving here and I'm enjoying all that California has to offer :)"

She's happy talking about Southern Cal, "I love that I can do some many things here in So cal, I'm never bored. I can do anything from relaxing on the beach, going to mountains, clubbing in LA or making a trip to Vegas!"

When talking about modeling, she said that she's been modeling for a year now, and "when it comes to modeling I enjoy being able to capture and emulate different emotions and scenery.  I hope to create a strong portfolio and constantly challenge myself to take on new projects in order further my career."  Super cool Courtney!!  That's what we called the intelligent modeling!!  Great job!

This is Part 1 of Courtney feature editorial.
This is Part 2 of Courtney feature editorial.

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