June 5, 2011

Model Pillow Spar!

 Sand Deigo, CA (W&HM) - There was a pillow spar at the Gimmie Girl's Haute Girl and Disco Days show. Well, not that kind of spar... The friendly spar... :-)

Erin Van Straten (above) looks super good in her green bikini with her pillow.

Kristin Schon is equally smashing in her sequins dress and the red bikini pillow.

 Kasey Chisholm is also in her amazing bikinis, twice here!!
 Erin is back!!

 Michelle Kroesing has such a happy smile all the day!!  Very cool!
 Now the big show!!

 All the runway models together!
 Jessical Riley is new but very refreshing!!

 Tracy Linh!!  She is always + always super cool to talk to, hang out with, and take pictures of!!! Super model Tracy!!

* Click the picture for its original size *
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