June 2, 2011

Leggy Gimmie Girl Models on Fashion Runway

 San Diego, CA (W&HM) - There were many leggy models from Gimmie Girl on the runway at the Haute Girl and Disco Days event.  Megan Sanchez (above) not only knows how to pose, she knows how to show her super strength!  You can also find more of her amazing photos at here.

 Alexx Juice is the new comer to the scene but she is a total natural in modeling!

 Jessica Riley has a fashion model physique!  She is so tall that we have to stand up to take this picture!

 Kasey Chisholm in bright blue dress just cannot be missed!

Kristen Schon has such a bright white smile, bright blue eyes, bright blonde hair!  We think that she is not our usual girl next door, or not our next door... Haha

 Megan Sanchez is indeed, amazing!!

And Michelle Kroesing is the best catwalker in the show.  She totally has the super model walk!
Zie Bruono is a very special model.  Her loud hair style and colors and the tatoos with her, definitely made her stand out in the crowd!
* Click the picture for its original size *
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