May 24, 2011

Natalia Marie and NOS Girls, Diana Lushus Always Looks Good!

 Cerritos, CA (W&HM) - It's JDM Yo, 1 year anniversary has many big SoCal names in there.  Diana Lushus, after she changed her hair color to champaign gold, looks especially eye-catching!

 Such a tropical champaign look!!

 Natalia Marie is ALWAYS an outside-the-box model!  She is super creative and totally cool!

 It's her passion for modeling and the genius of real-person social networking that puts her in a different league than the rest of the pack...
 MMMMMMmmmmm...  See more of Natalia Marie here...

 Natalia Marie, Cadance, and uh... We should know!!!!

 Don't you wish to see more?? We do!!  We will be patient for the next event!! Haha

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