May 27, 2011

Franchesca Del Carpio and Diamond Dozen Catwalking for Kandy Shop Bikinis (Heels Only)

Fullerton, CA (Py) - Franchesca DelCarpio (above) and the Diamond Dozen team were catwalking for Kandy Shop Bikinis at Slidebar in Fullerton, CA.  It was a super hot night with totally stunning models showcasing the some really cool bikinis in a loud, crowded, fun, and relaxing settings.  What else could one ask?  :-)

Kirsty Lingman is a super gorgeous model, amazing friendly person, and a totally skillful photographer!!  Wow!

 More blonde models here!

 And redhead too!!

 Franchesca DelCarpio is always warm and striking to shoot with.  Anyone who had the chance to do so is a blessing!  Keep up the good work Franchesca!

You can find more of Franchesca DelCarpio here (external link)
You can find The Diamond Dozen here (external link)
You can find Kirsty Lingman here (external link)

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