Tecate Light vs Tequila Patron

 Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - There was a major presence of Tecate Light models that you cannot miss.
In fact there were so many that the models did merry-go-rounds throughout different locations.
 And they are so pretty!!
 On the other hand, Tequila Patron showcased two cute blonde models.
 Hi! Patron Model!!
 Thanks!! :-D
 Great job!!
 The genius of presenting the product with a good pose.  Very cool!
 Coming back to Tecate Light girl.  We did not get her name, but she is so familiar in the Southern California promotional/runway scenes.
 She definitely works out a lot and very much appreciated!
 with a bright white teeth smile!
 Beautiful!!  Very good job!
 And more Tecate Light girl!!
 And with a big bottle too!!
 We think we lost count on how many we have seen already...

 Now back to Tequila Patron models!
 Something's happening!
 Let's check it out!!
Oh, it's the roll call for the duty tasks.  But check out the photographer on the left.  While sling back a big one, he was using another one to catch the action.  Great job!!

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