Tecate Light, Save a Life, AAA, Live

 Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Live Magazine pulled a stunning tactic to wow the crowd and gather their ROI.  Kudos to their marketing dept!
 The wonderful Danielle in a black bikini was totally different than the other promotional models.
 She is simply stunning for sure!
 And wow!!
 AAA has that hometown girl ambiance in their booth.
 Red and blue and white!
 Savannah from Be a Donor Save a Life .Com flashed us a genuine smile!
 and it looks good from afar...
 and also very consistent.  Very cool!
 Her sister Kimmie is also at the show with her..

 Don't you just love the different lighting apparatus docking at the corner and suddenly mess up your lighting metering!
 Or the aux light can be tamed and used wonderfully!
 Tecate Light models were abundant at the show.  We saw a picture of at least two dozens more of them at the show!!
 They really gathered some local talents there!! 

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