Nicole Marie and 9K Models in 2011 Rebuilding Japan From Los Angeles Car Meet & Fundraiser

Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA (Py) - After the Japan earthquake and Japan Tsunami, there are many warm and hearty donations coming from all around the world in all formats. In this industry, it showed a unique form using the best way they can, had this charity event called "2011 Rebuilding Japan From Los Angeles Car Meet & Fundraiser".

This event was put together in a relatively short time, but the results are enormous! Many cars, several talents, as well as people showed up in the back of Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, on the edge of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.

Nicole Marie is a totally professional model!! She is sick, but she made it here. Her ride had a car trouble, but they towed the car to the lot and she made it here. She brought the smile, sunshine, and sparkles to the show! Great job!!

Nicole Marie is here for the 9K Racing, and she is also an official Hankook girl! Her stardom is definitely super rocketing, while she still maintains her friendly personality and wonderful presence!! That's what we call, professional at the best!!

9K Racing is gearing up for a great start!!

From the inside source, their official website is coming up around the Formula Drift in Long Beach next week. Nice!

Having some fun here!! :-)

There are many cool cars there. That's what's amazing about the show, especially all pulled in at such a short notice. The power on-line social platform!!!

Can't resist to take a picture of this cute cute cutie!

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