Aubrey and Models in DUB LA

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - In this year's DUB LA show, there were some surprises. We believe that we have seen Aubrey (the model with a ribbon hair band) before somewhere. Nonetheless, she was one of the stunners in the show, and many people followed her around; okay, it's a hoard of people!

Aubrey was very cute and kind enough to give us enough time to showcase them here to our readers. Kudos!!

Indoor white balance is a killer!! A note to our photography department... Lol

The bike theme seems to be prevalent to this year's DUB show... I guess many people are experiencing mid-life crisis... Very cool!

Can you tell the differences between these two sets of pictures?

(Answer: "post-auto-guesstimate-whitebalance"... LOL)

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