Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - There seems to be a trend to have these semi-meshy tight pants as the promotional wardrobe as seen here by Adams girls. It sure achieves several effects being (you can fill the blanks here...). But we wonder how they put them in? Are the toes getting the way at every eyes of the mesh???

Auto A Fondo had a really toned model! Sure demonstrated the southern cal's healthy and bright image!!

Monster drinks may not have the big team of promotional models, but Ashley Sarto [Link] is one powerful force!! Ashley is always super photogenic! She is always tall and slender! She is always professional! She is just super cool!! Great to see Ashley again!

We got a coverage of a news coverage. It's like in the twilight zone that you sometimes see a person from the 3rd person's point of view, rather the first person... Well, it's film noir time!! Haha.

More great model!!

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