Felicia Bang 9K, Celeste Exedy and Randyl Dawn Falken

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - 9K Racing is coming out strong these days. We saw them at all the major and boutique car shows. Very cool! Felicia is doing an amazing job there and the whole team is super cool!

We semi-met the Exedy lady. She was on a break, and we were on the run... Therefore the candid shots here...

We also missed LeaAnne here... She is such an energetic model that never had a dull moment!

Celeste is here! Haven't seen her for a while since SEMA last year!! We were on the run, and she was on the run as well...


Talking about on the run, Randyl Dawn was really on the run for a 10 sec poses for us. Pardon me people and Randyl for the super candid flash speed shots here... New hairstyle, yes?! :-)

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