Diana Grant 4 Pirelli, Randyl Dawn 4 Falken, Jacqueline and Cameron Haven 4 Izod, Laura Baker 4 K1-Speed, Stacy dominguez 4 NOS

 Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Toyota Grand Prix event pulled in many great models!  Diana Grant [link] for Pirelli took the time for us to capture her beauty and stunningness!
 Okay, this is not whitebalance difference.  If you don't have enough flash power, your subject bounds to have more saturated colors.. :-)
 Uh, more example!!
 She always gives us great poses and showcases her amazing physical strength in beauty and style!
 Great job Diana!!  Hopefully we will see you in the future soon!
 Randyl Dawn [link] for Falken Tires is busy with the cameras and fans.
 But she still find time for us!!
 She is totally awesome!  She is really impressive in person too!
 We were thinking to ask her to do some crazy poses... Maybe next time... Haha
 Thanks Randyl!!
 Jacqueline [link] and Cameron Haven make a striking duo for Izod!
 They look alike, but also look quite different for some reason...
 It's almost like a ying-and-yang, cat-and-dog, noodle-and-past, pencil-and-pen, or..., thing.  They both look super lovely, but in a very different way...
 We  have to say that both are winners!!
 Laura Baker [link] is to K1 Speed is like pyramids to Egypt, or Chow Mein in China, or David for Florence, to us.  If you are in it, you will want to look for the other one...
 Thanks Laura for taking a pause at her important business meeting to pose for us and give us a hug!!
 Keep on rocking Laura!!
 Stacy Dominguez [link] is always gracious and has that unspoken charm to our camera.  She took the time and the efforts to create beautiful pictures in our camera!
 Always look very good Stacy!
 Totally love the white uniform!!
We do hope to see Stacy in the future many many times!!