2011 Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach - Summary

Long Beach, CA (Py) - Toyota Grand Prix Round 1 was held in Long Beach, as the tradition continues.  This is a very cool and fun event.  It's very different than the other drifting shows.  The weather by the ocean was on the hot side, but it makes the event even more enjoyable at the outdoor setting.

There are three main sections of the show, the street race tracks where you will hear a lot of high pitch Doppler noises from the race cars coming and going in them, and the grid and shops that display the cars and sometimes drivers and the time the crew while you always smell BBQ aroma in the air (not from the cars, nor the crews...), and then there is a Lifestyle Expo inside the convention center that have all kinds of vendors pitching all kinds of products, services, or freebies!

One thing that simmers through the pictures is that the color theme is very Blue-Black-Red-White-ish.  It's like a secret memo or something...

Falken Tires Models [ext-link] including Randyl Dawn [Link] and Julie Galindo showed us the beauty of promotional modeling.  Falken is always a good stable to the promotional world and we love to provide coverage of their models!!

Yes, there were formula cars there actually.  This is not a made up event... Haha.

Be a Donor Save a Life .Com is a great example of the modeling style like Savannah Moreau here.  They are not loud-dressed as in other car shows and they are more like the girls next door that you can come up and chat with.  It's a very friendly and family atmosphere here.  Very cool and very refreshing!!

The Honda racing team is looking good here.  Very "Tide" white uniform!  Very cool!
Cameron Haven is the first Izod Trophy Girl!  She was mentioning that her wardrobe was a tid bit small yesterday... We could not quite come up with the imagery... So we went on the internet and found this: [ext-link] and we have to say that the uniform today is a bit too big... Haha.
Laura Baker always looks good with K1 Speed.  She's been with them for a long time, almost like shes owns the place... :-)  Very cool Laura!
We got our eyes opened up as we did not expect this gorgeous model in the event.  Danielle (as far as we could get her name) for the Live Magazine is the most daring, eye-catching and nose-bleeding model in the event!  Kudos!!
Haha!!  Firehawk!!!  Very cool!
Stacy Dominguez [link] is such a great model that she took the time to pose for us when she saw us. NOS should be very happy to have her, if we were them... Great job Stacy!
Diana Grant [link] is totally smashing for Pirelli!  We found her to be one of the most dedicated and professional models that we've seen. She is so attentive to her fans and to her duties.  You never see her in a dull mood or idling.  She is totally amazing!!

Tecate had a huge presence here (above)!!  They had so many models that we even lost track of who were here and who were there...  That's super cool!!

The Swish Racing team girls are looking chic here!

Being a very family event, this is a peculiar promotional modeling.  Not that they are high-pitched walking, or the guy's unnaturally curled hair... It's actually the "tent" that he pitched that we actually have to do some mosaic effect on it.  But the models are very cool!

The Pink Boxter club (above) has a beautiful model/owner at the show.  More later in the future coverage.

Megan Fowler for the Toyota Racing totally got our attention!  You can never forget her bright and sparking smile like this one here!!