2011 Formula Drift Promotion Modeling Summary

Long Beach, CA (Py) - 2011 Formula Drift at Long Beach as one of the biggest drifting events in Los Angeles. And certainly it attracted many talents there as well as vendors. It's becoming a great drifting-spectator as well as a model-spectator event.

Felicia Bang from 9K Racing (above) was having a great time. Their booth was well situated at the crossroad of major foot traffic. Talking about location, location and location... Smart!

Amazing models were abundant and ready to let you take pictures!!

Even the people in the crowd were amazingly cute! But we got the secret that they are models too...

Alexia Cortez is looking amazing as always!! She went extra drifting miles to let us take extra gorgeous pictures! Thank you Alexia!!!

Ashley Malia and Beckie Joon looking great together! It's like happy traveling sisterhood!

Ayana Jordan was very popular. People could not stop talking to her nor stop taking pictures of her. She is sure a big star to watch! Keep it up!

Chaba, Chaba, Chaba!! Chaba is so talented! Every time we talk to her, it's like a long lost friend catching up and good things and fun things and real things. Super cool!!!

Laura for K1 Speed is like a stable for K1 Speed, always classy and sexy!

Diana Grant was hugged by her friends and ready to take a good candid photo!

Elizabeth Izumo and her friend worked hard and looked good with their umbrellas. Cool, shiny and sexy!

What can we say? Hooters Girls are always eye catching!

Jenna Trujillo simply looks stunning! Her tiredlessly let photographers to make poses, take pictures, and look good. A true professional!!

Kaylee Alana was giving us a warm welcome!

Diana Lushus has a new hair color and looks really great with her turquoise stripe dress!! She is a mermaid!!

Maya Michelle has that carefree spirit! She is creative and fun! Next time, stop by and catch up with her!

Natalia Marie is beyond carefree! She is living the life to the fullest and then go to an extra level!! Not only she is energetic, she is also creative, fun, engaging! Sometimes we feel that she is like Neo in Matrix that can handle multiple agents called photographers!

Nicole Marie is the new Hankook girl!! She is so talented that she ascend to the import scene in almost no time! If you ever talked or worked with her, you know that she does not have any diva attitude of any sort. She is so organized and dedicated, that she will succeed in anything that she does or set her sight on. Many kudos!!! And Congrats!!!

It's great to see Ashley Labady (for Nitto) again! We haven't seen her since SEMA several months ago!! Very cool!

Nitto Girl LISA LA is very eye catching this year!

Sabia Rose with Nitto has that amazing modeling talent! And she definitely knows how to work the camera! Very cool!

Shawnna is like a rocket to the import scene. She is not your usual import model, which makes her even more stand-out!! Great start Shawnna!

Stacy Dominguez is with NOS and always does a great job!! It's hard to imagine NOS without her here in LA!

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