W&HM Featured Model - Ashley Labady (2/2)

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - (continued from part 1)

W&HM: Do you follow any of the sports?
Ashley: I like basketball. I was a forward guard in high school, and we won the championship! :-)

W&HM: Any team that you like most?
Ashley: Well, I know I will get into troubles by saying this. But I like Celtics and Dallas Mavericks, and San Antonio Spurs. Allen
Iverson is amazing!!

W&HM: Okay, tell us about your opinions about men...
Ashley: Hmmm, I love nerds... Haha. I love intellectual conversations! Well, he needs to be funny, and can play video games
with me, have a nice smile, amazing eyes, and tall and handsome of course... Haha. Oh, he must love beach! Some guys cannot stand the sands in their feet. But I love to go to beach and get sandy!

W&HM: Oh, there is a facebook incident about you. Could you tell us more?
Ashley: Ya, somebody create a fake account with my name and used my picture in facebook. Whoever that is, please don't impersonate me!!!

W&HM: What would you like to tell your fans out there?
Ashley: Thank you for following me and come out and support me at shows. I read all the entries in my facebook. I may not be able to get back to you soon, but I do read them all!

W&HM: Anything else you like to add?
Ashley: Oh yes!! Please donate to Lupus foundation! Both my sister and myself will do the walk to cure Lupus! It's a very important cause to us! I mean very + very important!!! You can find out more at this site:

Thank you!!

W&HM: That's wonderful!! Thank you very much Ashley!! Look forward to seeing you at the event!
Ashley: Thank you! :-D

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