W&HM Featured Model - Ashley Labady (1/2)

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Our Featured Model Ashley Labady is not foreign to most of our readers, both because she frequents various car shows in the Southern California, as well as has had great exposures from the shows to our readers.

Besides her gorgeous-girl-next-door look, Ashley is a very warm and fans-friendly model. With her multi-talented aspects, she has been in promotional modeling, runways, TV show/reality, magazines (e.g. FHM,...), beauty competitions, and many more!

Let's find out more about Ashley through our interview with her...

W&HM: Hi Ashley, it's great talking with you!
Ashley: Thanks! :-) Great to talk with you too!! It's been a long while! How are you?

W&HM: Oh thanks! We are good! But more about you... You live in Orange County, right? How do you like it?
Ashley: I love Orange County. And I grew up in Long Beach, California. I am a beach girl! :-D

W&HM: How do you like modeling?
Ashley: I love it! Even though I am doing more acting now. I was in the show Entourage last year. (check it out!) But I still love all the fun and working with cars!

W&HM: We also heard that you have started drifting! That's very impressive!
Ashley: Yes, I started from Formula Drift last year. Alex Pfeiffer who races for Megan Racing Performance, took me in for drifting. I had a lot of fun! It's fast, and crazy! Alex is a great guy!

W&HM: Say, what do you like to wear when you go to bed?
Ashley: uhhhhhh... a T-shirt....

W&HM: Just a T-shirt??
Ashley: ... and a boy shorts... Haha

W&HM: I heard that you will be in the XDC/Remix event in Irwindale. Tell us more about it!
Ashley: Yes, we are still working out the details. I think I may be one of the trophy girl handing out the trophies. :-D I haven't been back to car show modeling since SEMA last year. It's great to be back!

W&HM: Talking about beach, what kind of swimsuit you wear to the beach?
Ashley: Bikinis... :-D (What kind?) Brazilian bikinis...

W&HM: What kind of colors do you like in your bikinis?
Ashley: I have all kinds of colors of bikinis from the runway shows
that I did. Anything from leopard, to pink, to polka dots...

W&HM: Now tell us what types of food you like!
Ashley: I love food!! :-D I love Italian food, AND Mexican too! I love Chicken Parmesan, and Chicken Picatta!! They are gooood!

W&HM: Do you cook?
Ashley: Ya! I cook Mexican food, like tacos, enchilada... I watch food channel, you know, and also you can learn everything from the internet!! Haha.

Ashley: Also, I am Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Danish,
Mexican, Russian, Polish, German (a lot of German), Israeli... So I like all kinds of food...
W&HM: Wow, that's super impressive! You are like a united nation!

Ashley: Oh, Miss Toyota Grand Prix Beauty content is coming up, and I may go for it again! It was a fun experience last year. There were two preliminaries, and one final. I got the 1st runner up title, out of like 18 girls. It was great! So if I run for it again this year,
everybody, please come out and cheer me on for this year's competition!

Here is the part 2:

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