XDC/REMIX Car Show at Del Mar

Del Mar, CA (Py) - It was a dark and stormy night for sure. With the backdrop of rainy and freezing weather (okay, 50F is freezing for the Souther Californians) in Del Mar, XDC/REMIX is the first major car+model show in Souther California. Luckily, the organizer foresaw the situation and had the show inside a pavilion. Smart move!!

Ayanna Jordan did an awesome job meeting her old and new fans. Her Asian-ness is different than the usual import models' asian-ness. It's refreshing, stunning and totally cool! Great job Ayanna!

Then Melissa Riso also showed up looking amazing and flawless!

Lisa Alexandrea does not go to too many shows so it's great to see her again here!

gina tee (that's how she wrote her name on the poster) did a very cool flash to our flash. She's so comfortable and confident in the shot, which is what a great model always is! Wonderful talent gina!

Despite the rain, the wind, the freeze... people still showed up with spouses, kids, girl friends, models-wanna-be. It's a fun event!

Raichelle Viado has her own RC car print work!! That's really + really cool! Everybody should get one and start drifting! :-)

Kay Bae is super stunning at the show. Not only she is tall, she is one of the top models that can really work with the camera, the flash, the crowd, the show!! Great job Kay!

We are very happy to see Layla Lu here. Recently she has nothing but amazing work! Look forward to seeing her more!

We haven't seen Laura Baker much lately, so it's such a great surprise to see her again!! Always looking great!

Now Gabby Jeanne, we need no introduction to her; she is always looking fit, athletic, and refreshing and stunning! Do you know what's her favorite food? Maybe we need to do a special of her to reveal!

Over the years we have covered many + many models. We feel that there are gorgeous and beautiful arts in the companion actors in this show. So we decided that we will include the hardware (cars/bikes/parts) along side with the software, aka models! We are not super deep on the cars, parts, and accessories, but we always treat them as sublime art masterpieces just like the models that we cover! Enjoy!

Skyline, what a vintage and classic! Gorgeous!

We've never met Heather before. She is looking super cute in this catty outfit!! Meow!

After the red soft curves, here come the green hard lines...

Sandy Packard is looking great in front of the car! The rav outfit somehow fits her here very + very well. She's always eye-catching in the pictorials!

Jane is a shy but tall and lean and leggy model! We are sure that she can be a wild, expressive, and amazingly talented model!

Abstract art...

Sheena Romaine is looking cool in front of the big wheel muscle car!

Now the show starts!

The go-go dancing girl is totally awesome!! Her moves, steps, gestures, and her outfits, hair and everything looks so beautiful, for the entire 45 min!! Our hats' off to her!!

Then there were go-go dancing competitions to pick the winning go-go dancers.

Then you have to give it to Gabby Jeanne. She's definitely the cutest and smartest and outside-the-box-thinker model there. When everybody was trying to listen what's happening, she still can put up a big smile for camera and videocams. Truly professional, truly genius!! Bravo!!

Many more to come!! Have fun!
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