Women of Perfection Show Summary

(Eva Skye and Melody were looking cute and great in the Women of Perfection Show.)

Torrance, CA (Py) - This year's Women of Perfection show was a pleasant surprise. If the amount of the crowd is a dipstick of the economy, then everything is looking rosy! It was packed! There were a lot of models, both very established as well as upstream swimming. Nonetheless, they all were looking amazing!

Tracy Linh bared all her... feet. She was totally carefree and having a great time.

Tonia Sugar Silva is part of the Gimmie Girl group, which brought in some very cool international talents! Tonia was super warm and friendly. Very cool!

Sandy Packard is part of the Gimmie Girl group too. She was so personable and approachable. Great job!

Raichelle Viado!! What a treat to see her there! It's been a while; well, there weren't any show, that's why... Always look good!

And she never misses a good fun fan interaction!

Melissa Howe is also part of the Gimmie Girl group and has that very nice British accent! A perfect match to her classy and classic beauty!

Lyna Ly Spark was busy greeting her fans and gave us some quick snap shots!

Krys Angeles looked amazing with her lush blonde hair and impeccable figure! But what caught our eyes most is her personal connection here... Great job!

Kim Lee showed up at the right time, our camera's flash time!!

Jessica Burciaga, the Playboy Platemate, is gracing the show with her bright smile and sunny nature. Even if the room lighting had gone out, she would not have any problem reading a book still, because there were so many flashes went off, while she was texting, or chatting with her friend, or anything... Impressive!

Yo, yo, it's JDM yo! Tracy Linh, Eva Skye, Amy Fay and Melody performing their "action" shot!

The Gimmie Girl group presence!

Gabby Jeanne, we haven't seen her for a long time! Congrats to her that she is a print magazine cover model! Go to bookstores, newsstand, and get a copy and ask her to sign it next time you see her!

The happy team!

We did not want to interrupt Ms. Vosti's trance performance and also not to upset the gazillion camera shutters either, just to gather her name. Thanks to Sean, we got it still! Perfect Team work!!

Ah, the bikini contest...

And fashion show...

Overall, the organizer has done a great job! Attracted great talents from all over. We are happy to see some familiar faces, as well as some new ones. We sure have a lot more to share in the next several articles... Stay tuned!
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